Maximum profi tability is the most important requirement to be met by a new salt spreader and reduced maintenance costs and down times surely are the features that make the difference. PST is a self-charging salt spreader entirely made of high quality steels, ensuring long term reliability. Furthermore, in order to reduce maintenance costs, it has been equipped with particularly simple mechanical parts, with extremely limited requirements, which the operator can handle himself. Thanks to its special structural form, loading the material to be spread will no longer be a fatiguing and timeconsuming process, but will prove very easy and fast. The material to be spread is metered easily and accurately by means of a special control situated on the machine, thereby eliminating waste, wich is another major cost item. As usual, in the realisation of its equipment, PELAZZA has taken into consideration the strictest quality criteria: Yours. As all the other units in the range, in fact, before it was offered to the public, the PST was subjected to two years of fi elds tests, carried out by expert operators, like You.

Machine width cm 200 - 225 - 250
Spreading width cm 150 - 175 - 200 ±
Hopper capacity 0,8 - 1,0 - 1,2
Unladen weight Kg 400 - 450 - 500 ±

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