After thirty years’ experience we could not be satisfied with the design anc construction of a traditional spreading set. For this reason, starting with a new design process, we have produced a totally new implement: the PSC. This special tool stands apart thanks to the quality of the materials employed, the simply construction of its machanical parts and extremely reduced maintenance costs. In the development of this equipment, Pelazza has devoted prior attention to the operator, to enable him to work in full comfort in any climatic conditions, at any time. This is why the starting control is placed in the driving cab, on a special console, whist the adjustments of spreading weight and width are on-board in a lit compartment (but the later can also be housed in the in-cab console, on request). The PSC can be had in two different versions: type “N” and type “G”. The “G” version of this machine, which is richer, offer two different operating modes. The sand can be distributed over the ground in two different ways:

  • By gravity, for optimal service in city centers, with no risk of harming the people and things along the sides of the road or in the immediate proximity of the machine (this is the only spreading mode in the “N” version).
  • By fanning out, thanks to a set of rotors placed under the material metering shaft. In this mode, the machine can spread sand over roads of up to 12 mt in width.

This special tool stands apart thanks to the quality of the materials employed.

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