PF260 M

The PF260 snow cutter is available in two specific versions: for power shovels and heavy trucks. In fact it is the ideal equipment for clearing roads from heaps of snow. Fitted on medium-high power vehicles it makes work possible under even the harshest conditions. Two special mechanical joints enable the PF260 snow cutter to perfectly follow the profile of any road. In addition, two indipendent “chimneys” which turn through 360° make it possible to direct the jet of snow in the required direction: very easily, simply using special controls in the driver’s cab. From the point of view of versatility and multi-purposes, the PF260 professional snow cutter made by PELAZZA can be turned into a bank beater, due to a simple though effective technical notion. In this type of work on roads and/or motorways, the equipment clears the lane of the snow piled up by the blades (or by plowshares) during their work. The PF260 is coupled to the pushing vehicle quickly and safely by an exclusive, proven and tested system by PELAZZA. Releasing the tool is equally fast and easy, allowing the vehicle used to resume the function for which it was designed.

¹ M = mechanical; I = Hydraulic
² T = shear pin or bolt; LC = Torque limiting device
³ P = Own weight; R2 = Double-action adjustament
* R = fast; U = fast to din
** P1 = skidz; R1 = wheels
Weight Kg 4500
Power HP 260
Operating width mm 2500
No. of drums 2
Operation¹ M
Diameter mm 1000
Operating height mm 1250
Protection² T - LC
Throw Min-Max mt. 5 - 38
Chimneys 2
Direction of chimneys 360°
Lift mm 380
Side tilt 15 ±
Controls in cab SI
Shoveling adjustment 6° ±
Operating capacity T/H 2500
Pressure at ground³ P
Coupling* R - U
Working rests** P1 - R1

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