Even a skilled operator must alwais be able to rely on is equipment. The V5 plowshares made by Pelazza ensure suitability, reliability and safety under all working conditions for any type of job. Respetting he ratio “Working Time – Output” the V5 plowshares are unnarivalled and always meetexpectations. The reasons behind this are simple and concrete:

  • First-rate quality of steel usedS
  • uperb sturdiness and versatility of the V5 plowshares during operation
  • The outstanding and safe patented R.I.V. system which makes possible to “read” the profile of the road surface; automatically avoiding sudden (or hidden) obstacles of up to 10cm. in height, thereby avoiding damage to the machine itself

Pelazza V5 plowshares are the ideal equipment for breaking walls of snow, cleaning roads, piling up snow, clearing yards or squares.

A - B - C*
*A: Height at centre - B: Height at sides - C: Cleaning width
1V5 60 65 160 - 180 205
For Jeeps and other off-road vehicles
2V5 70 85 200 - 200 380
For small farm tractors and light trcks
3V5 80 105 225 - 250 420
For 40/60hp tracktors - trucks 40/80ql. PT
4V5 85 110 250 - 300 800
For trucks 40/100qt. - tractors with shovels 40/120hp
5V5 85 130 275 - 300 950
For tractors - weeled power shovels 100/160hp - trucks 80/180ql. PT
6V5 116 170 325 - 350 1150
As above or over

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