Convertible in the following solutions of the blade: right – front – left or opposed plowshares. Characterized by a large number of technical solutions that are not found on any other equipment, such as:

  • automatic system of front pitching avoid the tool to point due to the changes in elevation of the road;
  • front zip for the rotation of the wings: prevents the snow to fi t between the fi xed body and wings when these are in intermediate positions avoiding the formation of ice plugs between wings and the fi xed body.

V3 plowshares are also equipped with:

  • fast coupling (direct if on backhoe loader);
  • lateral oscillation system which allows the plowshare, with lateral pitching system, best to follow the road surface;
  • a pair of lifting arms;
  • a pair of double regulation foot stand;
  • electric switch operated by remote control.

V3 plowshares are equipped with Vulkollan scraping blades in order to cushion any impact and not to damage the pavement. They can also be supplied with steel scraping blades but still fi tted to Vulkollan bases as to maintain the shock absorber system

A - B - C*
*A: Height at centre - B: Height at sides - C: Cleaning width
1V3 70 78 160 - 180
200 - 220
400 ±
2V3 80 90 200 - 220 500 ±

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