Three-axial snow plow   /   TR35


This three-axial blade (that allows you to clear the snow, both with front blade or angled blade) in the following confi gurations: fully extended blade, small blade, “shovel” blade for storage. Its structure is made of painted steel with a rolling in polyethylene. It also has a rubber scraper plate (reversible) double density. It’s suitable to be used in plain, low and high mountain.

It’s suitable to be used in plain, low and high mountain
Overall lenght cm 360 420
Max slanting clearing width cm 340± 360±
Height of new rubber scraper plate cm 115
Max angle of obliquity of blade body in relation to transversal 30°
Angle of attack of rubber scraper blade in relation to vertical -5°
Fastening angle of scraper blades in relation to vertical 10°
Weight kg 1050± 1200±

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