Snow-plough in a new conception in quality steel with blade in single section which can be turned to the right, to the left and straight by telescopic tubes in steel or by oil dynamic cylinders fixed hind on the moving part (patented system). It's provided with interchangeable scraping blades in manganese steel, with oil dynamic cylinder for lifting, with an equalizer in order to obtain a perfect adherence to the ground with shock-proof springs and with stabilizing-springs for the moving phase. It has an oildynamic system for lifting and an eventual angle of the snow-plough blade; the remote control is installed in the cabine of the motorvehicle. It's also provided with a quick automatic hooking from vehicle frame to the snow-plough connection (patented system). It's suitable for light motor-vehicles of medium power: tractors, jeeps and the like. Upon request the snow-plough can be supplied with a scraping blade in antiabrasive rubber, mounted on a reversible frame in order to obtain a double performance. This device in particulary suitable to unpaved roads and town streets.

This device in particulary suitable to unpaved roads and town streets.
Height of blade cm 80
Lenght of blade (by request) cm 200 - 220
Remover-Breadth - with maximum angle cm 163 - 180±
Total weight Kg 350±

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