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    Pelazza sgombraneve Frazione Mappano Caselle Torinese
    Pelazza Andrea s.a.s. Snow-Plough since 1956

    The company PELAZZA ANDREA started its activity at the end of the’50s, thankfully to its founder, Mr. Andrea Pelazza, as well! The main activity was the SNOW-PLOUGH SERVICE for the city of Turin and some private citizens.
    In a few years Andrea Pelazza was been able to improve his knowledge and his experience about snow-plough tools, the usage and what they were expected to do.

    Then, we get to 1966, when Pelazza Andrea obtained a patent for his first Snow-Plough, at the time very innovative.

    From that moment, together with the service of Snow-Plough, Pelazza Andrea begun the production of blades for snow-plough.

    During the Seventies he started also with the construction of plowshares. With the passing of time, thankfully to innovative ideas of Pelazza Andrea, which always obtained the patent, plowshares made lot of changes.

    In 1979 Mr. Pelazza Andrea put away snow-plough service, which expanded so much to serve the full territory of Turin with 145 tractors and 90 trucks, in addition to the stores and the hand-snow-plough. The market of tools was expanding and he decided to dedicate all the time to their construction. That time has been useful to produce new machines, for example “THE HURDLING BLADE“.

    In 1980 Andrea Pelazza put on the market the first SNOW CUTTER with auxiliary-motor for power shovels. In the 1981 he started the designing of a snow cutter for heavy trucks, with auxiliary-motor, ampli-roll system, hydrostatic drive. The designing, as the activity itself, had a temporary arrest in 1982, because of the sudden death of Andrea Pelazza, whose life was broken by a car accident during a transfer.

    From that moment, Mrs. Anna Grimaldi and Mrs. Maria Vittoria, the wife and the daughter of the Founder, saw to the management of the business, that became a Company and was named Andrea Pelazza S.r.l. on his honour. Tenacity, will-power, inventiveness marked the Pelazza Andrea in its first part of life and went on distinguishing the Company during the second one. In fact in 1983 the design of the hydrostatic power shovel, abandoned unfinished in 1982, has been completed. In 1984 started the production of salt and sand spreader trailed and charged. In 1985 also auxiliary-motor, side milling machine for the clearing of frozen snow became part of Pelazza Andrea S.d.f.’s production, expanding the variety of tools available and necessary to the use of roads during the winter. The large variety of tools produced by Pelazza Andrea S.d.f., their strength, their simplicity and their reliability allowed the growth of the Company, known in the whole Italian territory and abroad. In order to improve the production, Pelazza Andrea S.d.f., in the while became S.a.s., enlarged its working areas… and went on bettering and renovating its tools.

    In 1992, finished his studies, also Mr. Giandomenico, the son of Pelazza Andrea, took part of the company, creating new tools and bettering the old ones.

    In 1993 they started the production of an outstanding and safe patented system of plowshare: the R.I.V. In 1995 they produced self-charging spreader. 1997 is the time of PSC spreader.

    In 1998 Pelazza Andrea S.a.s. renovate and enlarge its seat. In 1999 Pelazza Andrea reached another goal: the CERTIFICATE UNI-EN ISO 9001, for the designing and the process of tools-construction. Today the membership of the Company is unchanged. The wife and the two sons are busy in a continuous renovating of the tools produced, in designing and creating new ones, in order to better the safety and simplify the winter maintenance of the roads.

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